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We Have Long Time Relationships

The Prince George's County (PGC) NAACP has a long history as a civil rights organization. The organization's commitment to its community and members is evident by our dedicated members who continue to support our mission over many years. 

The PGC Branch is located in the heart of the county, with a population of just shy of 1 million residents. Our members are dedicated to working with the community to secure employment, advances for minority businesses, educational opportunities for our youth and young adults, and to promote healthy living. 

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Reverend and Mrs. Ray Raysor
  Long-Time Members of the



The Prince George's County NAACP Branch history is full of rich success and committed souls fighting for equal rights for all. The Branch was established in 1935 by Hester V. King, who served for 30 years as president. Under her leadership, she helped desegregate the Upper Marlboro courthouse. She fought for the passage of a statewide equal accommodation bill at the state capitol. Her mission and what is still existing today is that the Prince George's County Branch is dedicated to providing opportunities to those who seek fairness in employment, education, economics, health, environment, and housing for all residents no matter their color or religious affiliation. We hope that the design and implementation of our 18 committees will address the needs of all who seek the road to social justice and peace. In the same way that years of marriage bring trust and commitment, so have our efforts over the decades to serve Prince George's County residents.

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