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President, Linda Thornton Thomas


2nd Vice President, Dr. Tonya Harrison

Secretary, Carletta Lundy

Assistant Secretary, Louise Ross

Treasurer, Lissa Dickerson

Assistant Treasurer, Rose Campbell

At-Large Brenda Lipscomb

At-Large Cashenna Cross, Mayor 

At-Large Cassandra Chess 

At-Large Lawrence "Mike" Moses

At-Large Janice Liggins

At-Large Mark Cook

At-Large Michele Wiggins


VChair, Women in NAACP -WIN

Parliamentarian / Youth

 Chair -WIN/ Health

   Chair, Armed Forces/ Veterans

Chair, Religion

Politcal Affairs Advisor

Chair, Communications

At-Large Reverend Ray Raysor

        Chair, Disability

At-Large Seanniece Bamiro

At-Large Sheila Bryant, Esq.

Branch Representative

Political & Legislative Affairs

Dr. Milton Lawler

Clate Jackson

Larry Holmes

Kenneth Brooke

Chair, Education

Chair, NextGen

Vice Chair, Armed /Veterans


Vice Chair, Membership/Comm

         Chair, Membership

Ebonique McClinnahan

Marissa Blackwell

Gail Elkins, ESQ

Jibril Brown, ESQ

Carletta Lundy, Chair, Housing 

Chair, Compliance/DRT

Chair, Legal Redress

Chair, Housing

At-Large Dr. Pastor Orlando Bego

   Vice Chair, Economics

At-Large Januari McKay

Branch Representative


Why is leadership important?

"Skillful leaders may achieve positive outcomes for individuals, teams, organizations and wider communities through different approaches and operating at any level. So it's important to develop leaders to fit the needs of an organization, as well as invest in environments that enable them to be effective."  Unknown

Our leadership team is packed full of great people who hold multiple expertise in a variety of fields. We pride ourselves on the knowledge they bring and the willingness to share that knowledge with us all. 

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